About Us

Wildflower Designs began as a dream for two sisters who wanted create affordable, quality, fun, bold jewelry for women of all ages. We started with hair  pins, bright coloured resin flowers and fabric covered button earrings that eventually evolved into much more. We began to incorporate mixed metals, semi-precious gem stones, wood and recently cellulose acetate materials into designs and our business grew. Over the years we have discovered that our passion lay not only in jewelry making, but in meeting customers at markets as well. We love to help people find the perfect piece and most of all, watch their faces light up when they have found just the right one. When we are not making Wildflowers, doing markets or working our full time day jobs, we enjoy hiking, yoga, traveling, camping, family dinners, photography, gardening and skiing.

Leanne and Erin 
Wildflower Designs
Photo by Erin Ocampo